In this new version of my binder I changed method to write settings (and files) into stub: In version 1.0 I use to append data at EOF, in 1.1 I add a resource containing the data. This makes the program crypter-compatible.

This software of mine + its source hit more than 2000 downloads around the forums until now :-)

Malware category: Trojan / Dropper

Tagged as: Trojan.Win32.Pincav.sso



–> Function to compress each file separately before binding;

–> Working with all file types (executables, pictures etc.);

–> No limit for number of files;

–> Stub size: 12 kb

–> 7 default drop paths, or custom path:

-> Application path (where dropper gets executed)

-> Temp (C:\Documents and settings\Username\Local settings\Temp)

-> Root (C

-> Windows (C:\Windows)

-> system32 (C:\Windows\system32)

-> Program files (C:\Program files)

-> Application data (C:\Documents and settings\Username\Application Data)

-> Custom path

I found also a couple of youtube videos about my binder (not made by me by the way):

DL :…rce%20code.rar