Transparenz-Bericht der installierten Addons

AMP 0.7.2  AMP 0.7.2
» VIP, XWP, Google, and contributors (url)
Add AMP support to your WordPress site.

Antispam Bee 2.8.1  Antispam Bee 2.8.1
» pluginkollektiv (url)
Antispam plugin with a sophisticated toolset for effective day to day comment and trackback spam-fighting. Built with data protection and privacy in mind.

Enlighter - Customizable Syntax Highlighter 3.7  Enlighter - Customizable Syntax Highlighter 3.7
» Andi Dittrich (url)
Enlighter is a free, easy-to-use, syntax highlighting tool with a build-in theme editor.

Envato Market 2.0.0  Envato Market 2.0.0
» Envato (url)
WordPress Theme & Plugin management for the Envato Market.

Identify External Links 1.3  Identify External Links 1.3
» Mark Jaquith (url)
Searches the text for links outside of the domain of the blog. To these, it adds class=“extlink“ (and optionally, target=“_blank“).

Open in New Window Plugin 2.6  Open in New Window Plugin 2.6
» Keith P. Graham (url)
Opens external links in a new window, keeping your blog page in the browser so you don’t lose surfers to another site.

Prevent IP Logging 1.0  Prevent IP Logging 1.0
» ¥akuza112 (url)
Prevent logging ip addresses from comments in the database.

Shariff for Wordpress 1.0.11  Shariff for Wordpress 1.0.11
» Heise Zeitschriften Verlag / Yannik Ehlert (url)
Shariff enables website users to share their favorite content without compromising their privacy.

Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker 1.2.7  Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker 1.2.7
» Tobias Herde (url)
Enhancement and REPLACEMENT of the original STV plugin from Michael Woehrer. Added automated blocking of Trackbacks.

WP-PluginsUsed 1.50  WP-PluginsUsed 1.50
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.

WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7  WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7
» Michael M - (url)
Drag and drop page builder for WordPress. Take full control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required.

WP DoNotTrack 0.8.8  WP DoNotTrack 0.8.8
» Frank Goossens (futtta) (url)
Stop plugins and themes from inserting 3rd party tracking code and cookies.

WP to Twitter 3.3.7  WP to Twitter 3.3.7
» Joseph C Dolson (url)
Posts a Tweet when you update your WordPress blog or post a link, using your URL shortener. Rich options to customize and promote your Tweets.

Yoast SEO 8.0  Yoast SEO 8.0
» Team Yoast (url)
The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

Inaktive Plugins

Better AMP - WordPress Complete AMP 1.7.0  Better AMP - WordPress Complete AMP 1.7.0
» Better Studio (url)
Add FULL AMP support to your WordPress site.

Conditional CAPTCHA 3.7.1  Conditional CAPTCHA 3.7.1
» Samir Shah (url)
A plugin that serves a CAPTCHA to new commenters, or if Akismet thinks their comment is spam. All other commenters never see a CAPTCHA.

Jetpack by 6.4.2  Jetpack by 6.4.2
» Automattic (url)
Bring the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a account to use the powerful features normally only available to users.

LH Dashboard Notes 1.09  LH Dashboard Notes 1.09
» Peter Shaw (url)
Add your own custom help boxes to the admin section of WordPress

Prevent Password Reset 0.2.0  Prevent Password Reset 0.2.0
» Justin Tadlock (url)
Prevents password reset for select users via the WordPress „lost password“ form. This plugin adds a checkbox to each user’s profile in the admin. If selected, it prevents the user’s password from being reset.

Remove Dashboard Access 1.1.3  Remove Dashboard Access 1.1.3
» Drew Jaynes (DrewAPicture) (url)
Removes Dashboard access for certain users based on capability.

Social Login 5.4.3  Social Login 5.4.3
» OneAll - Social Network Integration (url)
Social Login allows your users to comment, login and register with 35+ social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Вконтакте, Google or Yahoo.

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